Finlandia Park

The city of Helsinki ordered a web model of the Finlandia park design in Helsinki city center. Road design and project management was also provided by Sito.

Tampere Hämeenkatu-street

An interactive web model of the Hämeenkatu main street was ordered by the city of Tampere. It displays the three blocks along the general plan of Hämeenkatu street. A traffic simulation system was developed for the (...)

Otaniemi lighting simulation

The lighting simulator ordered by the city of Espoo and Aalto CRE was used for researching city models in lighting design. This was accomplished utilizing the new lighting features of the Unity-game engine together (...)


Iso-Kristiina is a shopping mall in Lappeenranta. Skanska ordered the project while the city of Lappeenranta provided a city model of the area. The projects aim was a lighting simulator for building façades, which h (...)

Järvenpää Perhelä

The Perhelä neighborhood is in the process of planning, gaining new living, commercial and office spaces. Simultaneously, the traditional commercial building of Perhelä is considered for conservation. The constructi (...)

South Harbour

A web-model was prepared as background data for the architecture competition of the Helsinki south harbor waterfront. The model was ordered by the city of Helsinki.

Vantaa housing fair

The city of Vantaa aims to utilize digital building information models for increasing their performance and raising the quality of construction. Sito delivered a 4D-city model of the Kivistö 2015 housing fair. The s (...)

Crown Bridges

The virtual model of Crown Bridges presents the whole project area with its surrounding cityscape and archipelago. One can see how Helsinki and its skyline will change after the Crown Bridges project and connected c (...)


A railroad with multiple level crossings cuts through Vihti. The projects aim was to get rid of the level crossings. The selected solution is a bridge spanning a new road, which connects the north and south sides. T (...)


The opera model was originally made for Senaatti Properties. This model was combined with the Finlandia park model. Later a theater scene game aimed at youths was developed. The game was commissioned by the opera.


Sito designed the Oulu Rotuaari pedestrian street surface materials, municipal infrastructure, lighting and street furniture etc. during spring 2012. The design materials were also used to make a web-model.


The Sanoma building hosts the leading Finnish daily newspaper Helsingin Sanomat. Sanoma building was added to the Finlandia Park model as an individual entity in 2011. Model was used to promote the Sanoma media foru (...)

Skanska HQ

Skanska Finland built its new headquarters in Ruskeasuo, Helsinki. A web model of the building may be viewed in stereo in the wide-screen BIM room of the company. Client: Skanska Finland.

Tapiola garden city

The rapidly developing web model commissioned by the city of Espoo was integrated into other services of Sito in multiple ways. Project combined 2D city map service, 3D models and live server link to the Espoo city (...)


The aim of this project commissioned by the technical planning office in City of Helsinki was to avoid urban flooding caused by the Kumpulanpuro stream in Vallila allotment garden. Solution was building delaying poo (...)

Woolnorth Wind Farm

An promotional wind power park using the Nissola web model environment.

Wujin development project

Wujin was a urban development project prepared by a consortium of Finnish companies. Sito’s role was to deliver landscape design for the area.

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